Course Catalogue

Specialist Training Programmes

Advantages of TLA Diploma Programmes
To create a training roadmap to facilitate pursuit for higher learning

Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management
Diploma in International Freight Management

Continuous Learning Programmes

Training Schedule 2018
To impart knowledge and practical skills through short courses on Safety Security & Health, IT Applications in Logistics, Insurance & Liabilities and Logistics Business Processes

Airfreight Forwarding Appreciation
Handling of Lithium Batteries by Air
How to Leverage MS-Excel in Logistics
ICC Incoterms 2010
International Trade & Effective Handling / Processing of Letter of Credit
IoT & Big Data Disrupting SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics I
Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics II
Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics III
SCM Future Trend - Big Data and IoT Applications
Seafreight Forwarding Operations
Shipping Documentation – Dos and Don'ts
Standard Trading Conditions
Tactical Logistics Solutions with Excel and VBA program
Transportation Insurance Workshop
Understand the Cost Impact on Your Business
Workshop on Project Forwarding
Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics Operations (AnT)

Certificate Programmes

To equip with in-depth learning on logistical knowledge.

Certificate in Applying IMDG Code
Certificate in Logistics Operations

Specialist Certificate Programmes

To provide comprehensive learning in specific logistical roles.

Specialist Certificate in Chemical Logistics Management
Specialist Certificate in Cold Chain Management (Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices)
Specialist Certificate in Effective Purchasing Management
Specialist Certificate in Inventory Control & Materials Management
Specialist Certificate in Warehouse Management – Design & Operations

Workforce Skills Qualifications

To enhance workforce flexibility and skills portability through competency-based training

Manage Supply Chain Operations (AOP)
Manage Multi-Modal Project Transportation (AOP)
Manage Trade Instruments, Document & Regulations for International Transport (AOP)

Customized Training Programmes

Tailor-fit for your upskill needs

The Logistics Academy works with clients to customise programmes according to an individual organization's demands and circumstances – from specific case studies to full bespoke development. We can create your customized programme to the best-suited in its class, without bursting your pockets in the process.

Tailor-fit Your Customized Training Programme