Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics III

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Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics III
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Reduce waste in my workplace, working efficiently and effectively.

Loh Jia Jun, Import Executive, F.G.L. Pte Ltd.


This Lean Six Sigma program has taught me to apply the effective DMAIC technique to manage and implement continuous improvements in my company.

Charles Chang Choon Fong, Manager (Warehousing), P.T.C.L. Ltd.

  1. This Part III is a final wrap up of Lean Six Sigma series through the focus on intense application of the Lean Six Sigma techniques learnt in Parts I and II.
  2. Apply Lean Six-Sigma DMAIC methodologies to enhance operational performance in the Supply Chain and Logistics operations.
  3. Most of the application will be focused on the Operational and Logistics nature of work.

This Module is highly hands-on and the activities are designed for fast-paced learning & be reflective at the same time.  Active participation by all attendees would make this Module very enjoyable.  The Summative Assessment at the end of the Module is necessary to ensure effective transfer and retention of learning.

Designed For

Participants who have completed Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics I & Lean Six-Sigma in Logistics II (Yellow Belt equivalent).


The course is customized towards the Logistics Skills Framework Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) :

Process Improvement / Log Process Quality Management

Process Improvement / Process Improvement and Optimisation

Business Management / Data Statistical Analytics but at level 2 & 3 only

  • Introduction: Refresh Lean Six Sigma Methodology
  • Applying Six Sigma Approach & DMAIC Methodology
    – Activity 01 Cost of Quality (Budget & Expense Control)
    – Activity 02 Setting (SMART) KPIs
    – Activity 03 Scatter Plots
    – Activity 04 Value Stream Mapping
  • Applying Six Sigma Approach & DMAIC Methodology
    – Activity 05 Decision Trees
    – Activity 06 Network Diagrams
    – Activity 07 Pareto charting (refresher)
    – RACI technique (refresher)
  • Understanding the Seven Quality Management Tools
    – Affinity Diagram
    – Interrelationship Digraph
    – Tree Diagram
    – Prioritisation Grid
    – Matrix Diagram
    – Process Decision Program Chart
    – Statistical Process Control (SPC)
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1 day : 9 am to 6 pm


Daniel Chew holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, four Master Degrees, three Graduate Diplomas, two Diplomas, Two Teaching Certificates and a First-Class Honours Degree in Engineering.   Before embarking on his Life Calling in teaching and consultancy, Daniel was a Regional Director & General Manager in Operations and Supply Chain.



A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of Project Assignment, Assessment and attainment of 75% attendance.

The course dates are indicated below.