SLA Capacity Building – Global Ready Talent Program

Launched by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), on 10 October 2019, GRT aims to build a pipeline of global-ready talent for Singapore enterprises through exposing more Singaporeans to internships and overseas work opportunities.

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) is appointed by ESG as one of the programme partners for GRT – Local and Overseas internships.

More details of GRT.

Read the experience of our participating companies and their interns.

Green Earth Tank Pte Ltd

Amongst GETH’s mission, the company aims to provide a safe and sustainable work environment for its staff and clients. “Our staff is just as important as our clients. As such, the well-being of our team is ensured through our fully implemented in-house Safety & Health Management System”. In June 2021, the company onboarded Intern Chua Dong Xuan from ITE College Central as an Operation Intern to co-ordinate with various department to ensure smooth operations daily. Intern has learnt on problem-solving in rectifying operational issues raised from customers and gained good learning experience on how to execute daily operations planning in a safe working environment.

AGI Freight Singapore Pte Ltd

AGI onboarded its first Intern – Operations (Freight Forwarding) from ITE East College in June 2021. The intern Teguh budi Setia Wan manages shipping documentation formalities through the national trade system as well as arranges the bookings with carriers, receives goods and supports customer requirements. The company nurtures young talents through its internship opportunity to learning how to identify operational challenges and problems in the logistics ecosystem. Gaining working knowledge of SEA freight audit processes and external partner management is also part of the internship learning outcome which will provide good advantage to intern in his future career.

Teguh Budi Setiawan, ITE

Intern, AGI Freight Singapore Pte Ltd

My experience working at AGI has been very productive. There are still many subjects in logistics I have yet to learn in school. At first, it was difficult for me to understand logistics operations but I could understand better as I performed my work day by day, However, I am no expert to do the task by myself. I feel that I am taking too slow to learn and need time to improve myself. I thought I could learn faster but I was wrong. So I really appreciate my mentor – Kerlyn for being very patient and guide me throughout the work process of each individual task. It has been half of the six-month internship, I think I am getting the hang of doing logistics.

SFS Global Logistics Pte Ltd

“We took on 5 interns from International Logistics, ITE East College for a 20 week internship program. Already 2.5 weeks into the program, we trained them on real life experience how to read and process air and sea freight documents. They also had a chance to experience how efficient dnata operates when we retrieve the vaccines from the terminal, perform checks on the high performance passive containers, process customs clearance at checkpoint and final delivery to the designated storage depot.

During interview selection process, interns were informed that it they chose to join SFS, they would be subjected to the “sugarcane” method of training. This means that we will train and provide them with the real deal no simulation over 5.5 days of work week alternate Saturday off. No nonsense training, 10% theory and 90% practical. We aim to bring the best out of them. Their mentors follow the same schedule and to ensure that the mentors are qualified I sent them for professional trainer teaching course prior to the internship.

Lastly, safety comes first and they follow the company guidelines of Antigen Rapid Test twice per week. We walk the walk and after 20 weeks, they will provide feedback if they have benefitted from their internship with SFS, that will be Feb 2022.”, shared Mr Roger Chew, Chief Executive of SFS

Rocktree Logistics Pte Ltd

Rocktree’s success is based on people. From the beginning, the company set out to recruit talented professionals capable of providing innovative solutions for its customers. And this nurturing perspective starts from the internship of IHL students. An intern from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) School of Business was onboarded as HR intern to assist in the planning of company events and co-ordinating new hire orientations. She also participated in the HR’s transformation for change management initiatives against the backdrop of the dynamic logistics industry.

DG Packaging Pte Ltd

The company – dangerous goods packaging shares its expertise through nurturing young talents. Students from ITE and Temasek Polytechnics were onboarded as interns as Import/Export Coordinators and Supply Chain Interns. Through their internship, they gained understanding on the supply chain flow, the use of packaging materials to prevent goods from being damaged as well know how to identify the different types of labels used. As Supply Chain Interns, they learned how to Input warehousing data into relevant documents and monitor storage utilisation levels within the warehouse. They also learned how to identify obsolete stock for clearance. All these skills and knowledge would prepare the interns in their future careers in logistics.

Flexxon Pte Ltd

Flexxon onboarded the Operation Interns as part of its talent development initiative. Amongst the physical checking on in-bound and/or out-bound goods, coordination of local pick-up, delivery and/or distribution of goods and other operations, the interns learned the process of logistic and shipment arrangement flow. In addition, they learn how to apply communication skills to perform workplace tasks. They have the learning opportunity to hands-on to IT system like the ERP cloud base system to produce documentation. From the operational point of view, they understand and appreciate the inter-dependencies in various functional areas. Through such internship experiences, the interns have brought their knowledge to practical level.

Leon Synergy Pte Ltd

Leon Synergy onboarded 3 interns from ITE Central College as part of its nurturing plan of young talents. As Transportation & Logistics Interns, they support the Transportation team in transportation related activities including storage of goods, managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating transportation movements, and arranging for services as necessary. They also help to coordinate and track movement of all shipments and ensure all documents such as advanced shipping notice, pick slips, bills of lading are accurately recorded. In the process, the company hopes to impart the understanding of fundamental role of transportation as part of logistics chain. They can have a glimpse on what goes on behind the scenes of an e-commerce logistics company. Most importantly, acquiring skills with hands-on workplace learning to give them an advantage and confidence to get ahead in their future career path.

Network Courier Services Pte Ltd

Interns from ITE College East were onboarded as Logistics Project Intern to experience logistics activities with Network Courier Services. They are part of the Project Team, directly reporting to the Project Manager of Lean Management. They interns assist in research and data gathering for project requirements providing support in creating, designing, developing and participating in successful implementation of intelligent business process automation systems. They also assist in continuous improvement projects within the warehouse, from process gap identification to solution design and implementation. Through their internship, they will acquire good time management, planning and organisational abilities within a tight deadline framework for project requirement. And also have good opportunities for learning new technologies.

The Blue Circle Pte Ltd

The Blue Circle onboarded their third Intern from National Technological University. Zheng Bin took on the role of a Wind Engineering Intern. During his internship, he is assigned to work on multiple projects such as preliminary site assessment, construction estimates and support of development activities of Wind Power Projects. In the preliminary wind farm site assessment, a particular attention is given to social and environmental as well as logistic transportation aspects due to the very large size of wind turbines components (blade of more than 75m long, tower of more than 5m in diameter).

Founded in 2013, The Blue Circle identifies, develops, finances, owns and operates renewable energy projects in complex and challenging geographies of the Asia-Pacific region. The Blue Circle uses the most advanced technology to build responsible and sustainable projects. With offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Manila, The Blue Circle is the leading renewable energy company of Southeast Asia. We are committed to changing the world one green electron at a time.

Zheng Bin, NTU

Intern, The Blue Circle

It has been a wonderful experience interning at The Blue Circle as I was given multiple opportunities to work on actual developing projects that drive the growth of renewable energy. I was provided with Guidance and constructive feedbacks from my colleagues and supervisor which nurtured both my soft and hard skills.

During the internship, I was trained to work with a variety of software which utilizes GIS which I was not taught in school. Furthermore, I was exposed to statistical concepts such as Long-Term estimates, forecasting and even the stages of developing a wind farm project.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to intern at The Blue Circle.

Jinders Pte Ltd

The Global Ready Talent program has helped our company grow overall. We as a small business are able to hire interns because of GRT and are extremely grateful for this program. Not only it benefits the student with the salary they desire, but also helps the small business to sustain in their respective fields. We came to know about the GRT program during Covid and as a retail business in Singapore, it has helped us improve our business post-covid with a fresh skill set of the young generation.

We are extremely delighted wiht the assistance we have received from Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) as they have guided us throughout the process from getting the company approved to applying for claims at the end of each internship. We prefer to have interns throughout the year because of GRT, as for us, it’s a smooth process due to the guidance of SLA. We highly recommend GRT program and SLA partner for this program.

Abinaya d/o Muthuraja, NAFA

Intern, Jinders Pte Ltd

Jinder’s is an omni channel business which involves multi-tasking. I was given the opportunity to handle their social media contents. Working with my supervisor and boss every day has given me a lot of ideas on how to engage the targeted audience . I learnt how to put my knowledge and skills into practice. It was a valuable experience with new learning every single day in Jinder’s. During my internship I was given the opportunity to meet models, influencers, designers and top clients and create a professional bond with them. Being a fashion designing student, I developed my skills not only in designing but also in product development, fashion marketing and fashion forecasting. The brand management and brand strategies followed by Jinder’s will really help me out in future. Helping Jinder’s with photoshoots and exhibitions is something new and was a pleasant, entertaining, and learning experience.

Raifah, NAFA

Intern, Jinders Pte Ltd

My internship with Jinder’s, being my first ever job, has introduced me to the unfamiliar working world. While my role was meant to be marketing, I also had the opportunity to learn the aspects of retailing and sales. I like how the humble team at Jinder’s is close-knitted, and everyone is understanding and respectful to any needs I may have. I am glad to have found first-hand on how the backend operations of a typical fashion business works, and I benefited from gaining insights from my supervisors which are helpful to my future career.


As one of the fastest growing pet supplies retailers in Singapore, aPetMart places a great emphasis on innovation and efficiency. With fresh ideas and business opportunities coming up every day, the internship at aPetMart never gets boring. With long established relationships with multiple tertiary education institutions in Singapore, aPetMart has developed a well-structured internship program across our entire business for talents from various disciplines. Our internship program is perfect for enthusiastic, motivated, and capable individuals who aspire to acquire new skills while making a real business impact.

All the interns at aPetMart are given the multiple opportunities to work on real-life business solutions that drive change. Guidance and constructive feedback are always shared in real time to facilitate the development of both hard and soft skills in a collaborative environment. We have witnessed many aspiring young talents thriving and scoring Distinctions and As during their internships as they lead in doing work that matters while bringing out the best in them. – shared by Ms. Lyn Feng, Intern Mentor, Managing Director, aPetMart

Aloysius Yeo, Nanyang Polytechnic

Intern, aPetMart

I am Aloysius Yeo from Nanyang Polytechnic, and my first internship experience was with aPetMart. Being fresh and new in the workforce was not easy for me because I did not know what to expect. However, my supervisors and colleagues at aPetMart were very welcoming and understanding of me, and they were very patient in explaining the business processes at aPetMart, as well as explaining to me my duties and roles that I would be taking over. Not only were my colleagues nice, the environment at aPetMart was also superb. My workstation in the office was equipped with a gaming chair, a gaming PC with dual-screen monitors so that I can stay focused and maximise my efficiency when I am working. The pantry also offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks to keep us refreshed and energetic. The working environment is always kept neat and clean.

My workload was manageable, and the deadlines were very reasonable. What I liked the most was that the work given to me varies and was not just limited to what I have learnt in my academics. This allowed me to learn many different new things, such as IT development, using marketing tools, and many more. When faced with challenges, my supervisors and colleagues were not hesitant to help me. We would brainstorm on a fix or a workaround together, thus further bonding our team. Despite being new to the team, my supervisors and colleagues included me in team meetings, so that I could learn what a meeting at a corporate level feels like, and it made me feel inclusive being part of aPetMart.

All in all, aPetMart feels just like a second home to me, the colleagues, and supervisors there are just like my family. I would like to take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude to all my colleagues and supervisors in aPetMart for presenting me with such an amazing experience. They are all very wonderful people, and I will never forget my time at aPetMart.

Easven Pte Ltd

EASVEN first time started hiring intern through the Global Ready Talent program during pandemic. We have been working with interns from NTU, SIM and RP. Each of student got their own strengthen in different fields such as content creation, project organization and management skills, creative design and production skills so on. It’s exciting to work with these young tarlatans and see how they could grow with the brand and business together.

Naila Adany Binte Mohammad Yazid, Republic Polytechnic

Intern, Easven Pte Ltd

I am grateful to be part of this company although it was only for a short period. I had gain many experiences and learning takeaways throughout my time with this company. I am satisfied and happy with what I managed to contribute to the company especially because of my prior experiences and existing skills that I had gained before embarking on my internship journey. I worked well with Yan to produce what was needed and she taught me more than what I needed to learn. However, learning doesn’t stop and it’s better to have skills outside of your job scope as well.

EASVEN gave me the experience and opportunities I needed to help me be better in what I do and to help me decide whether I want to continue the same job scope. I will never regret my time here and am grateful for the people I have met and the experiences I have gained. After graduating from RP, I would like to discover more in the industry besides Digital Marketing and Content Creation. I have other skills which I want to put good use in and do more.

LionsBot International Pte Ltd

LionsBot International is a Singapore-based robotics company that creates cleaning robots as a service for commercial, industrial and public spaces.Our founders bring with them their expertise in cleaning and robotics; and transfer them to life in the form of highly versatile cleaning robots. Every piece of software and hardware is developed entirely by our engineers with pride. Our homegrown solutions offer you complete peace of mind as we know the ins and outs of our robots thoroughly. We are guided by our vision to transform everyday living for over 50 million people with smart cleaning robots that people love.

Ms Clarissa Ow, Singapore Polytechnic

Intern, LionsBot International 

Working at LionsBot has instilled the belief that innovation has no bounds, and any idea can be made a reality. These 10 months here has been an exceptional experience, allowing me to grow as a person while acquiring practical skills. Being given the privilegde to assist on many different projects, has solidified my goal of becoming a mechanical engineer, Not just any engineer, but the kind that challenges ideas and creates technology which can change the world.”

Sze Jia, Singapore University of Technology & Design

Intern, LionsBot International 

LionsBot trusts its engineers to take charge in designing major components of its robots and support them in experimenting to find the most cost-effective and reliable design solutions. This level of ownership and expectation of excellence are extended to the interns at LionsBot as well. My internship at the company has given me many opportunities to further develop my skills in prototyping and optimizing the manufacturability of my designs.

V3 SMART Technologies Pte Ltd

In 2002, V3 Smart Technologies set out with a common goal to help businesses achieve optimum performance and take charge of their assets through intelligent automation technology. The future of work is ever evolving, moving from Industry 4.0 to beyond. With each change, the company is seeing people work alongside and be assisted by machines, new forms of digitization and communication tools like never before. Together, V3 Smart wants to drive businesses forward with its highly advantageous technologies, giving them the power to achieve success in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Ms. Insyira Khairah Binte Kelana, ITE College East

Intern, Bok Seng Logistics

I would say my most valuable experience has been the opportunity to embark on real-world projects. While training is useful, there is no substitute for experience. That, and being able to learn from other professionals in the field has been invaluable. What I’m doing now also requires knowledge on full stack development, which is something I’ve not learnt before in school and am self-learning currently.

Lim Jun Rong, NTU

Intern, V3 Smart Technologies

When I was sourcing for internships, I was specifically looking for ones which provide the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. This is a niche field which not many companies are offering internships for, so when I happened upon V3’s suite of products and services, it got me interested. During my internship interview, it was mentioned that the working environment will be very agile, and I will be mostly working on prototyping and building solutions from the ground up. This resonated with my personal goals for my internship – which is to learn, and I knew there will be many opportunities to do so in such a work environment. Hence, after careful consideration, I chose V3 for my internship.

Tan Zong Wei, NTU

Intern, V3 Smart Technologies

Distilleri Pte Ltd

As the students will become part of the working adults in the near future, we are committed to strike our best to provide as many opportunities as possible to the students in the real-life working environment in the following aspects, but not limited to:

IDEATION – conceptualise novel solutions to effectively address real-life brand and business challenges

EXECUTION – appreciation and exposure to different forms of writing in marketing communications, including print, broadcast, digital and social media

COLLABORATION – working cohesively as a collective in a multi-disciplinary setting with individuals of different backgrounds and expertise

Shyne Chong, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Intern, Distilleri PTe Ltd

During my internship with Distilleri, I was given many opportunities to contribute in various accounts. The working environment was nurturing which further motivated me to put in my best efforts into every task. Due to the encouraging nature of the company, my colleagues entrusted me with responsibilities varying from briefing our creative team to liaising with clients. I made my fair share of mistakes, but the guidance and patience that was shown to me has taught me how to brave through challenges head on. I can genuinely say that my time in Distilleri has been the most rewarding experience and has allowed me to learn more about myself than I would in a classroom.

Tiong Lam Supplies Pte Ltd

Tiong Lam Supplies shares its vision of recycling food waste with young talents through the Global Ready Talent program. Its first intern onboarded from ITE East College, Ruthiramoorthi so Letchmanan assumed the role of Production Operations Intern. Through his internship, he is tasked to work on a variety of processes such as substrate filtering and clearance and the microbial fermentation of substrates. Areas of responsibility include condition monitoring of live substrates, data collection and mapping of treatment environment as well as the processing of renewed products. Through his internship with us, he is exposed to machinery handling in a factory setting, as well as proper data collection and analysis. Not only does the intern acquire new skills in recycling food waste but learns to appreciate circular economy processes that aim to upcycle food waste for continued use within the food production value chain.

Ruthiramoorthi so Letchmanan, ITE East College

Intern, Tiong Lam Supplies Pte Ltd

Hi my name is Ruthira and I will be sharing my experiences and how this internship has helped me. My daily tasks at Tiong Lam are categorised into 2 main focuses – insect livestock management and the treatment of food waste. A typical day for me starts with insect livestock care duties such as feeding and data collection. Food waste which is collected from F&B companies arrives at our facility in the early afternoon. We learn how to process these batches of food waste mechanically before using microbes to biologically treat these wastes and prepare them as feedstock for the insects.

In these couple of months, I have learned how to properly care for the insects (Black Soldier Flies) that are reared in the facility. With proper guidance from our mentors, my friend and I have done some new experiments involving many different types of biological wastes. We are also taught proper sample handling and data collection which we understand, is extremely important to getting good test results.

This internship has helped me in many ways and that being inclusive of how independent I am right now, being decisive, from being an introvert to an extrovert person. This internship is helping me financially as these past months/years have been tough for my family and I. Nonetheless I have had a wonderful time in my internship with both mentors Mr Jerome and Mr Nathaniel helping me throughout and being there for me when I needed them the most. Not to forget my best friend Emmanuel, as we were there in the office for each other’s support.

Benkel International Pte Ltd

Benkel’s first time onboarding intern through the Global Ready Talent program. As a Logistics Assistant cum Customer Service, Tham Xin Yan from ITE East College handles full sets of shipping documents (PSA/Customs/Tradenet/Portnet) as well as day to day operations and transaction in the forwarding area. Through the internship from Oct to Feb 2023, Xin Yan would acquire skills on preparation of full sets of shipping documents. With minimum supervision, she will be able to execute the day to day operational transactions. And would acquire good communication skills to effectively deal with shipping companies and vendors. Benkel joins the other mentor companies to nurture young talents to hone their skills in delivering good logistics services.

Tham Xin Yan, ITE East College

Intern, Benkel International Pte Ltd

Tham Xin Yan from ITE East College (photo in blue top) was onboarded as Logistics Assistant cum Customer Service. She handles full sets of shipping documents (PSA/Customs/ Tradenet/Portnet) as well as day to day operations and transaction in the forwarding area. Through the internship from Oct to Feb 2023, Xin Yan would acquire skills on preparation of full sets of shipping documents. With minimum supervision, she will be able to execute daily operational transactions. And would acquire good communication skills to effectively deal with shipping companies and vendors. Benkel joins the other mentor companies to nurture young talents by developing their skills in delivering good logistics services.

Bok Seng Logistics 

The internship experience for Insyira, Natasha and Arulprasath proved beneficial in experiencing the real working environment. They were able to apply what they learnt in school and pick up useful knowledge during their time with Bok Seng Logistics. At their young age, they are still energetic and eager to learn what the company was able to let them experience. Dipping their hands in the daily operations, preparation of documents and communicating with customers, build their confidence and communication skills in overcoming challenges faced. This platform encourages ladies to join the warehouse industry as well.

Ms. Insyira Khairah Binte Kelana, ITE College East

Intern, Bok Seng Logistics

“It has been a very enjoyable and fun internship where we receive encouragement regularly from our colleagues and customers. I have had the chance to gain an in-depth

learning experience in the logistics industry.”

Ms. Natasha Daniella Wyse, ITE College East

Intern, Bok Seng Logistics

“It has been a fun, nurturing experience in Bok Seng Logistics. Our Supervisor, Mr. Umesh and his team has been very kind to guide us. Even the customers who are using Bok Seng warehouse taught us on their operations and the how-to work with people.”

Mr. Senthil Prasad Arulprasath, ITE College East

Intern, Bok Seng Logistics

“It has been a unique experience. We get to have a taste of the real working life as we met many people from all walks of life. If I have a chance to do this all over again,

I will most gladly do so.”


Innosys Pte Ltd

Innosys Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company founded in 1981 that has established a reputation for providing complete commercial application software to the logistics industry. The company was formed as a result of recognizing the changing nature of the alternatives facing the user when selecting software and hardware. Its vision is to be the leading provider of logistics software solutions in the region. Its mission to provide a suite of comprehensive, user friendly and affordable logistics software solutions to the market so as to allow SME companies to digitalize their business and compete with MNCs in a more level playing field.

Inosys is not new to internship programme, it has been onboarding interns from Polytechnic and University who were currently pursuing in Diploma/Degree in Logistics Management or Information Technology or equivalent. They were given classroom training during the first two weeks followed by on-the-job training with guidance from its senior staff. The job scope may involve software development for those who are keen and passionate in programming. Otherwise the job will involve providing technical support to its customers.

Here are some takeaways that Innosys interns walked away from their internship journey from their attachments with Innosys

  • Learn operational workflow, procedures and processes of logistics companies for some of the following:
  • Sea Freight Operations
  • Air Freight Operations
  • 3PL Warehouse Management
  • FCL Trucking (Container Haulage)
  • LCL Trucking (Last Mile Deliveries
  • Basic Accounting / Bookkeeping (for those with some background)
  • Be exposed to different work environments and management style
  • Gain relevant working experience