Integrating The Silos In Logistics : Road Mapping the Integration (New !)

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Integrating The Silos In Logistics : Road Mapping the Integration (New !)

This course is aimed at helping participants to have an in-depth understanding of the development
and the components in the Industry 4.0, particularly related to the logistics industry. Participants will learn about end-to-end optimisation and systems interconnectivity challenges in logistics operation due to multiple data silos and repeated manual data entry. Participants will be able to use their Health Checking Your  Silos to produce a practical roadmap towards integration of the silos and preparing to be Industry 4.0 ready.

  • At the end of the programme, participants would:
    Understand how IoT and AI can be applying in logistics
    Understand what is in an end-to-end optimisation
    Understand where and how to identify logistics systems interconnectivity
    Understand process interdependencies
    Understand how to create a practical roadmap to start integrating their silos
Who Should Attend

Senior Operational Management, Strategic Development Management and Members whom into
build a roadmap for an Integrated System in the logistics industry.

  • This course is aimed at providing an understanding of the environment of current trend of industrial 4.0 in logistics. The ability to identify the area and process of interdependencies and
    Interconnectivity to develop the initial steps of a practical roadmap to integrate the silos, through
    – IoT & AI in Logistics
    – End-to-End Optimisation of Logistics Operation
    – Order visibility with Logistics Systems Interconnectivity
    – Cross Departments Process Interdependencies
    – Practical roadmap to start integrating the silos in logistics
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1 day, 8 hours, 9am – 5pm.


Thomas Chee  has extensive years of experience in the logistics sector at different positions in the logistics value chain. He is able to tap on his experience and initiate an innovative technology solution to integrate siloed operations in the company. Other than having a degree in Logistics and Transport Management, he has a Diploma in Computer Studies, System Analysis and Programming. He has led teams for IT integration as Project Manager for the user to help link overseas branch offices back to the Singapore Headquarters. Recently,  he completed an end-to-end system integration known as “Integrating the Silos” arising from the SLA Supply Chain Challenge.[/readmore]


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon successful completion with 75% attendance.

The course dates are indicated below.