Future Dream Home – Connectivity & Robotics

Until the dream of a connected home is realized, having robots performing chores in a home could be a long way off. Just take a look at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas  (click to view).

In a controlled working environment such as a factory, where robots are widely used for automation in production, they are usually programmed to perform tasks with fixed repeatable steps that require only simple decision making processes — limited data and information needed.

In a home, a robot would require a higher level of AI (artificial intelligence) to navigate around the house and perform tasks or chores – more data and information to be processed with a more complex decision making process.

Henceforth, our future dream home would be filled with robotics as one connected home, in order to have the ability to deploy robots for chores around the home. In fact, a refrigerator with a smart-chip and the intelligence to store data about the expiry dates of your food items is an example of robotics.

When you have appliances with AI capabilities – the next wave of Big Data Analytics, it would allow M2M (machine-to-machine) communication and connectivity between every electronic item in the home, including the robot for performing the home chores.

Currently, this is a task for the robotic and AI experts to figure out what it would take to have this connected home with an intelligent robot to help us with the home chores.

Leading companies like Samsung, Google and Apple are certainly looking into this opportunity. May be Amazon would like to have a bite at this trillion dollars market too.


Contributed by TLA Lecturer: Mr Peter Loh