Manage Multi-Modal Project Transportation (AOP)

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Manage Multi-Modal Project Transportation (AOP)
Dates Available (DOWNLOAD CLP Schedule 2016)

18 May 2016, Batch 5

16 September 2016, Batch 6


The Competency Unit (CU) enables individuals to be assessed for their  competency level in the area of how they manage multi-modal project transportation including :

PS 1 – Identify the deficiencies of segmented transportation
PS 2 – Determine the benefits of multi modal transportation (MT) to the country and region
PS 3 – Differentiate the carrier liability between MT and freight forwarder/3PL
PS 4 – Improve information flow through document simplification
PS 5 – Review the workings of MT in practical case studies
PS 6 – Compare the readiness of logistics infrastructure in ASEAN countries
PS 7 – Compare the capabilities of project logistics equipment
PS 8 – Plan and evaluate a project logistics operation

Designed For

All level of staff who is

  • currently pursuing TLA Advanced Diploma in SCM or Diploma in ILM or IFM or
  • currently working in logistics or in logistics related environment and
  • able to  listen, read, speak and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Level 4 and able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS Level 4 and
  • at least 18 year of age and above
 Assessment Fees $50 + GST $3.50 = $53.50

2 hours


Upon passing of assessment, participants will be issued the Statement of Attainment by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

Appeal / Reassessment

Candidates can apply for appeal for their assessment outcomes within 7 working days after receipt of the result. The appeal fee is $32.10 inclusive of GST.

In the event if the candidates did not pass the assessment and wish to re-take the assessment, the re-assessment fee is $32.10 inclusive of GST.

There are no available classes.