Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics Operations (AnT)

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Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics Operations (AnT)
  • 05 – 16 Jun 2017 (Mon – Fri)
  • To provide alternative options to unemployed job seekers who are actively seeking employment to enter growth sectors
  • To equip these unemployed job seekers with the necessary skills to take on new employment in growth sectors
  • To train a pipeline of workers to meet future manpower needs in growth sectors
Designed For
  • Trainees from AnT programme
  • Introduction : Basics of Logistics & SCM
  • Fundamentals of Warehousing
    • Warehouse Processes
  • Fundamentals of Local Transport
    • Transport Logistics
  • Fundamentals to Global Safety & Security
    • Security inTransport Chain
    • Security Programmes in Transport Chain
  • Fundamentals to Safety, Health 
    • DG Cargo, OSHA
    • Case Studies
  • Fundamentals to Purchasing & Inventory Management
    • Purchasing Management
    • Inventory Management
  • Fundamentals of Logistics & IT
    • Technologies in IT
  • Fundamentals of Global Transport & Freight
    • Incoterms
    • Multimodal Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Concepts of SCM
    • Essentials of SCM
    • Supply Chain Solutioning
    • Last Mile Fulfilment
  • SCM Future Trend – Big Data & IoT application
    • Big Data Concepts
    • New developments in JIT and lean concepts
    • Statistical Process Control concept
    • New future trend –developments in Process Mining
  • Distribution Centre Operations
    • Warehousing Principles & Planning
    • Storage & Handling Systems
    • Material Handling Management
    • Logistical Packaging
  • International Trade & Effective Handling/ Processing of Letter of Credit
    • Introduction: Roles of Logistics Providers in International Trade
    • What is L/C
    • Types of L/C
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of L/C
    • Presenting documents to the bank
    • List of Common Discrepancies
  • Air Freight Forwarding Operations
    • Introduction
    • Terminologies in Airfreight Industry
    • Airfreight Industry Practices
    • Equipment, Devices and Technologies
    • Role of Airfreight
    • Site Visit to Airport (subject to consent of operators)
  • Sea Freight Forwarding Operations
    • Introduction & Update on the Shipping Industry
    • Major Shipping Routes, Major Ports, Time Zones, IDL, Canals
    • Vessel characteristics and types, flags of convenience, notion of speed
    • Liner Shipping vs Tramp Shipping, Containerisation, Malcolm Mclean, Success factors, container types, uses, specifications
    • Documents involved in Shipping- Bills of Lading (Bs/L), Sea Waybills, Delivery Order, Bank Guarantee
    • Role of Ports and equipment used in the Port
    • Shipping Conferences & Consortia: FEFC,  ELAA, WSC, USA, Types of Conference, Structure, Definitions, Important Conference terms & tariffs, Concept of consortium and Global Alliances
    • Freight Quotation & Job Costing
    • Site Visit to Port (subject to consent of operators)
  • Managing Local Distribution & Transportation
    • The Role Importance of Distribution & Transportation
    • Planning for Local Distribution Operations
    • Containerised & Conventional Trucking
    • Transport Regulations in Singapore
SLA Member Non-Member
Course Fee $3600 $4440
After 90% Subsidy $360 $444
Application Fee $30 $30
Total Fee Payable  (After 7% GST) $417.3 $507.18

10 days, 9:00am – 6:30pm


Dr Ong Geok Quee

Mr Daniel Chew

Mr Fabian Wang

Mr M M Kunasekaran

Mr Peter Loh

Mr Tan Tee Hwa

Mr Thomas Sim

Mr Victor Lam


A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of the course with minimum 75% attendance.

There are no available classes.